Paludarium Feed-throughs mounted

After the cracked glass of the paludarium was fixed, I could continue to mount the feed-throughs. This is a vital part to build before any water can be put into the paludarium, as right now there are some huge holes drilled in the glass bottom :O

Different types of Feed-through

There are several types of feed-throughs planned for the paludarium:

  1. Feed-throughs feeding through the back that will run into the waterfall (3x);
  2. Feed-through feeding through the back for cabling;
  3. Feed-through in the bottom where the filter will draw dirty water from;
  4. Feed-through in the bottom where waist water will stream from into the sewer.

All the feed-throughs have rubber rings in order to make them watertight. I applied some vaseline to the rubber rings which will help to make them waterproof.

Mounting the rear feed-throughs

I mounted all of the different feed-throughs at once. I started out with the three that will run into the waterfall. These feed-throughs have piping that come from under the paludarium and will be connected there:

Rear Feed-throughs that will pump fresh water into the paludarium. They will eventually output into a waterfall.

Rear Feed-throughs that will pump fresh water into the paludarium. They will eventually output into a waterfall.

The fourth hole is left open for now. When the required cabling is fed through, it will be closed with a rubber swivel.

Mounting the bottom feed-throughs

There are two feed-throughs in the bottom. One that will be used to drain dirty water from the aquatic part, and one that will be used for getting rid of waist water into the sewer.

The sewer feed-through is a 40mm sewer pipe. I cut the sewer pipe to a length inside the paludarium so that any excess water will fall “over the edge” of the sewer pipe. After some troubles I managed to tighten the nut underneath the paludarium.

The feed-through to drain water from the aquatic part was next. I made some cuts in a piece of 40mm piping so I could use a piece of piping to tighten the nut of this 20mm feed-through which is difficult to say the least because the nut sits in a hole cut into the 40mm thick plate where the paludarium sits on:

All the feed-throughs mounted and ready for the first test :)

All the feed-throughs mounted and ready for the first test 🙂

As you can see, I mounted some coarse filter caps on both the bottom feed-throughs to keep bigger pieces of waist clugging up either the sewer or the external filter.

How the water will flow

Water will be drained from the aquatic part using the bottom feed-through. This will feed into an external filter, then the water is pumped back through one of the rear feed-throughs onto the waterfall straight into the aquatic part.

Next to the aquatic part there is also a water basin behind the aquatic part. This basin is used to keep the water that will be pumped around over the land area above. A small internal filter into this rear part will pump the water all the way up, and through a tube with small holes the water will flow back down over the background back into the rear water part.

Fresh water can be pumped into the aquatic part using one of the other rear feed-throughs. As fresh water enters, old aquatic water will spill over the separator into the rear water part to freshen that water. Old water from the rear part in turn will spill over into the 40mm tube and go straight into the sewer. Automatic water changes is a fact!

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